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【Product Name】
Assist Grip Natural Leather Cover Set

【Set Content】
One set includes 2 natural leathers and 2 leather straps.
*The assist grip body is NOT included.

Camel x Ivory stitch
Black x Black stitch
Brown x Beige stitch

Collaboration production with a manufacturer that specializes in leather parts for camping gear. This item is unique that uses domestically produced natural oil leather with a low gloss and matte vintage texture, and the more you use it, the more it flavored.

[Mounting method]
We kindly ask our customers to attach the product themselves by weaving the leather string. Please enjoy various arrangements of the length of the leather string, the knots, and the ends of the string. When weaving the leather string, please pull from the root side, not the tip side

[Note] The leather string is made from processed natural leather, and there is a possibility of tearing if pulled strongly. When weaving, please pull near the eyelet, not the tip of the string.


The leather portion is made of natural material, and there may be some scratches or dirt. Please understand that this is a characteristic of the material.

Assist Grip Natural Leather Cover Set

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