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A new color has released from BUANcomfy antique series!

"Rayures" series with refreshing colors that evoke a new season.

Flame-retardant synthetic leather, which is also used by the largest interior manufacturer in Japan, beautifully colors the interior of the car. The green-based stripes match perfectly with the textured antique leather, and it goes well with the antique interior panel and center console that are on sale. You can create an attractive interior that is brighter than traditional antiques. It will be sold as a front and rear seat set.

[Product Name]
Antique Rayures Leather Seat Cover [FRONT ONLY]

[Compatible Models]
Hiace, Regius Standard/Wide S-GL, Dark Prime, Dark Prime 2
*There are settings for diesel vehicles and gasoline ones from the late 4th model (5th to 7th models).

[NOT Compatible]
DX, Wagon

The BUANcomfy original patch on the back and the engraved handle are accents to enhance the space.

[Note] *We strive to make the product images as close to the actual colors as possible, but the colors may differ from the actual products depending on your monitor settings, room lighting, etc.




[Antique ] Leather Seat Cover <Front Only>

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