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This description seems to be for a console box that is designed with a stylish look and made from high-quality materials.


The denim part is made from a next-generation denim material that has the feel of real denim while being resistant to color fading. It is also made in Japan and has a maximum thickness of 15mm of urethane, providing a comfortable texture. The leather part is made from a synthetic material called "White Smoke Leather," which is known for its high functionality in being resistant to dirt and aging.


The console box is designed with a two-tone color combination of denim and leather, giving it a stylish appearance. The soft texture of the console box's top surface provides support for the driver's arm during long drives, reducing fatigue.


The installation is done easily with a screw to fix the console box after removing the original console box.


However, compared to type 2, the length of this console box is shorter, meaning that it has a longer distance from the front ashtray and cigarette lighter. Therefore, the type of console box needed depends on the user's preference and usage.

[Denim] Center Console Box Type 1 Standard Body Only

  • 【適合車種】




  • We normally ship the product within 3 to 7 business days from the time of your order.

    *Depending on the customer's area, weather, traffic accidents, and other unavoidable circumstances, it may take time to deliver, or it may not be possible to meet the requested delivery time.

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