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【Product Name】
Headrest Natural Leather Grip

・Camel x Ivory stitch
・Black x Black stitch
・Brown x Beige stitch

[Product Features]
Stabilize your posture when getting in and out of the back seat or while riding.

【Product Details】

Made from domestically produced natural oil leather with a subdued gloss and a vintage feel. This item is a collaboration with a manufacturer specializing in leather parts for camping gear and is handmade with a branded logo. The leather will gain a unique patina with use, making it a one-of-a-kind item.

【Installation Method】

Simply remove the genuine headrest and attach the leather cover by sandwiching it in place. *Not compatible with seats that have integrated headrests.

【Important Notes】

*As the leather is a natural material, it may have some scratches or dirt. Please understand this as a characteristic of the material. *Although we have conducted strength tests during initial installation, sudden tearing may occur due to color fading, deterioration, etc. caused by the natural leather. When opening and closing the door, please use the belt while confirming its deterioration status.

Headrest Natural Leather Grip

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