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More stylish than the conventional type 2! Two smartphone holders are installed on the front and bordered with a plated ring.

[Product Name]
[Vintage] Center Console Box Type 3 SHORT for Standard Body

[Compatible Models]
Hiace, Regius SGL, Dark Prime, Dark Prime 2
1st to latest model

[NOT compatible]
DX, wagon, widebody

[Leather color]
Vintage Leather

[Product Details]
The back part of the new "console box type 2" is shorter than the conventional one, and it is designed not to interfere when the second seat is folded.


The installation method is easy with a simple screw fastening after removing the console box. The soft touch of the box top supports the driver's elbow for a long time during driving, reducing fatigue.


The console box is constructed smartly and simply. Its practicality lies in its easy storage. The soft texture of the box top surface serves as an elbow rest, supporting the driver's arm during long drives and reducing fatigue.

[Vintage] Center Console Box Type 3 SHORT for Standard Body

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