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Notation based on specific commercial transactions

Definition of personal information

The description method differs depending on the corporate business owner and the sole proprietor.

Entry field (Example: For business owners)
--Sample Co., Ltd.

Entry field (Example: For sole proprietors)
--Sample site Sample Hanako * Please specify the site name and contractor name. (Same as resident's card)

Collection of personal information

Sample Hanako

Personal information collection process


Reasons for collecting personal information

1-1-1 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Storage, Use, Sharing and Disclosure of Personal Information

Shipping: 500 yen nationwide Cash on delivery fee: 315 yen

About contacting customers using personal information

We will ship within 7 days of your order

Use of cookies

credit card

Withdrawal of consent for collection of personal information


Update privacy policy


Return deadline: Within 7 days of arrival

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