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vintage leather

vintage leather seat covers


Chic, Sophisticated​

Black leather seat covers with a design inspired by vintage leather jackets.

The unique texture, with a luster and wrinkles that reflect the light, create an atmosphere of high-quality "adult time".

The covers perfectly match the special

"DARK PRIME II" specifications, and create

a car interior space that you'll want to ride in

again and again.

Values quality

​Mature adults value quality because they want to spend time in a way that satisfies them.

The patches sewn onto the covers, like a finely crafted piece of clothing, showcase impressive techniques and countless details. These details capture the essence of the particular standards that only adults can appreciate.



If the details aren't as expected, the feeling of glamour will be cut in half. That's why we continue to pay attention to every detail.

The handles, marked with the BUAN JAPAN emblem, and the YKK brand zippers,

lead to a more luxurious experience.

This is the seat cover you wear.

The glossy black leather that envelops

the mature adult.

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