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This product offers colors, patterns, and textures that closely resemble genuine leather, while using a synthetic leather material with a vinyl chloride surface that is resistant to dirt and aging and has a pleasant texture. It's a highly recommended item for both practicality and as an accent to your space.

The boxes on both sides are easy to install, and the bed is designed not to sink or tilt due to the height difference between the left and right boxes, even if the luggage compartment is on the genuine floor. Additionally, the design is attractive, with a "R cut" finish applied to ensure the rear heater functions.

There is a convenient 100V outlet included for even more comfort. The soft leather surface of the top plate is gentle to the touch, making it comfortable for car camping, taking a nap, or on the road. The shape is smart and simple, and the boxes on both sides can easily store small items.

You can purchase this product on the standard body or wide body options.

[Antique] Box Bed Kit (Standard / Wide)

  • 【Color】

    A top plate : Brown
    Box : White Wood

    [Compatible Models]

    Hiace, Regius Ace (Standard/Wide) body SG-L, Dark Prime, Dark Prime II


    [NOT compatible]

    DX, Wagon

  • Normally, the product will be shipped within 3 business days from the time of placing the order (when the payment is confirmed if bank transfer is selected).

    *Depending on the customer's area, weather, traffic accidents, and other unavoidable circumstances, it may take time to deliver, or it may not be possible to meet the requested delivery time.

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