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[Product Name]
Antique Leather Seat Cover

[Compatible models]
Wagon GL, 2017/12~

[NOT Compatible]
Other than compatible models

[Leather Color]
Antique Brown

[Product Details]
You can enjoy colors, patterns, and texture that are very close to genuine leather. The material used is vinyl chloride on the surface (synthetic leather), which is resistant to dirt and aging, and has a pleasant feel.

The front two seats can be easily installed withover time, and has a pleasant texture. a zipper on the back. The headrests and seat belts for the rear seats are also specially designed to fit perfectly. The soft surface texture provides comfortable support during long drives, reducing fatigue.

The "Matte Brown" finish has been carefully chosen to resemble an antique sofa in a room. The leather texture has been intentionally removed to create a matte finish, and a large-grain leather has been selected to ensure long-lasting enjoyment of the product. The retro-style vertical lines add a touch of luxury to the interior of your Hiace! It is a key item that can turn the inside of your Hiace into a "room".


When you open the slide door or rear gate, it becomes a great spot for outdoor activities such as car camping, snowboarding, surfing, fishing, and a perfect place to take beautiful photos!

■ Designed specifically for models
■ Acquisition of flame retardant certification
■ Rear seat belt compatible
■ Set of one Wagon GL

[Antique] Leather Seat Cover for Wagon 2017/12~ 1 Set for One Vehicle

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