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3-piece set of "Interior Panel", "Steering Wheel", and "Shift Knob" are now available from BUANcomfy!
The uniformity of the front makes your van life even more enjoyable.

■ Color
・Antique wood
・Black ash wood

・White Wood

■ Set contents
・Interior panel
・Shift knob

■ Compatibility
4th to latest model (December 2013 ~)
Standard Body, Wide Body
Grade: Super GL

■ NOT Compatible
1st to 3rd model
Grade: DX, Super Long

■ Interior Panel
High-quality painting has been applied. The panel used for the wood parts has undergone numerous studies, with a five-layer structure that includes a primer (base), material patterns such as wood grain or carbon, a protective coating, and a two-layer polyurethane epoxy resin that provides wear resistance and a clear finish. This achieves a high-quality finish that combines beauty and durability.

■ Steering
The steering wheel features high-quality PVC leather for the leather parts, and a five-layer ABS structure painting on the spokes to achieve a deep color. It is a product that is compliant with vehicle inspections and boasts excellent heat and durability resistance.

■ Shift knob
The shift knob features a high-quality, five-layer structure that combines beauty and durability. It fits snugly when installed and has a finish that is resistant to deformation and cracking even with long-term use.

Interior Panel + Steering Wheel + Shift Knob 3 Piece Set

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