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■ Cargo Panel
■ 2-Division Type
■ Total Length 1990mm
■ Delivery time, about 1 month (made to order product)

[Easy attachment/detachment] [Installation without body processing]

[Anti-mold and anti-corrosion materials]
●New design with a total length of 1990 mm, extending to the rear of the second seat!
●A shape that perfectly matches the shape of the door step by NC processing!

■ 2 types of settings
・Late 3rd to latest model without power sliding door
・4th to latest model with power sliding door
*Please be sure to check the model year and options of the vehicle to be installed before placing an order.
(Cancellations cannot be accepted for made-to-order products!)

[Use anti-mold and antiseptic materials]
The plywood used for the floor panels is the only material in the industry that has been treated to be anti-mold and anti-corrosion.

[Attachment without body processing]
Installation can be done without body processing using genuine bolt holes. Easy to remove.
Unlike sticking and not peeling off, maintainability is outstanding.

[High-precision cutting achieved by NC processing]
High-precision cutting that can be achieved by NC processing. There is no gap according to the trim and it fits perfectly.
The base is made of 12mm structural plywood, so it works well with screws, and is convenient for making your own shelves.
Strong aluminum H-molding is used for the division part to suppress warping of the floor panel.

[Seat Variations]
Long seat for heavy weight.
The surface material is made of hard Ronlume, and the mesh backing makes it very durable.
I show the outstanding durability to be worthy of hard use!

【Color Variations】
・Black Quince
・Craft Wood Grain
・Metal Oak

[Aluminum checkered steel plate rear end step standard equipment]
Since it is a real aluminum checkered steel plate, it can be used for frequently loading and unloading heavy objects such as motorcycles.

[Assembly method]
Bolt-on and super easy! No drilling! !
Assembly takes just 10 minutes from unboxing! Installation on the vehicle requires no modifications whatsoever.

[Cargo panel price list (tax included)]
Standard Body ¥69,300, Wide Body ¥72,600

[Shipping fee]
¥5,500 (tax included)Domestic shipping only

Cargo Panel

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