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A steering wheel based on three types of wood patterns. The leather part is made of high-quality PVC leather, and the spoke part is coated with a five-layer structure of ABS to achieve a deep color.


It is a vehicle inspection compliant product that is also excellent in heat resistance and durability.


It is also compatible with the COMFY Antique series and the same color interior panel, making it an excellent match.

You can use genuine airbags, genuine switches, and garnishes, etc. as they are, so you can use them with peace of mind.


※ Airbags, steering wheel switches, garnishes, and covers are not included.

■ Color
・Antique Wood
・Black ash Wood

・White Wood


■ PVC Leather

The leather parts made with PVC leather have a high breathability punching process. The colors available for these parts are designed to match the color of the genuine airbag.


■ Punching leather

By applying a punching process to the leather, small holes are created which result in a soft grip that prevents sweating and slipping. This technique combines breathability with increased friction, providing a comfortable and secure grip.


■ Material (ABS)

This product has a high-quality glossy texture and is made of ABS resin, which is also used in helmets and provides excellent rigidity, impact resistance, and resistance to bending and stretching fatigue. The surface has a beautiful finish, thanks to the injection molding process used during manufacturing.


■ Frame

This frame has passed the load testing and torque testing as required by the world-renowned inspection organization SGS, and is made of a high-strength yet lightweight aluminum alloy, which provides safety and maneuverability that exceeds the original equipment manufacturer's specifications.


■ Standard Grip

The grip design is simple and does not detract from the original image or style.

■ 5-layer coating

The panel used for the wood portion has undergone extensive research to achieve a high-quality finish that combines both beauty and durability. The panel is made up of a total of five layers, including a primer (base), material patterns such as wood grain or carbon fiber, protective coating, and two layers of wear-resistant PU epoxy clear coat. This layering process provides a high-quality finish that is both beautiful and long-lasting.

The panel has a low shrinkage rate during molding, which results in a high heat resistance and strong resistance to cracking. This makes the panel fit snugly during installation and prevents deformation even after long-term use. Overall, this panel's outstanding features include its fit and finish, heat resistance, and resistance to deformation, making it a high-quality and reliable option.


  • All the parts attached to the genuine steering wheel such as genuine airbags and steering switches can be transplanted. It can be installed without compromising safety and functionality. (safety standard compliant product)

    *It requires specialized knowledge and skills to install the steering wheel. We are not responsible for any accidents that occur when you install it yourself.

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