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Enjoy car camping with the Hiace bed kit.


Introducing an item that fulfills the wish of users who want a table to put drinks and small items in their camping space. The beautiful leather black color matches any space, and the harmonious color of the BUAN comfy antique denim series. Furthermore, the installation on both sides of the Hiace greatly improves convenience.

BUAN comfy's new product, which combines fashion and functionality, is finally available for sale!


[Easy installation]
Just attach the stays to the interior side of the cargo space with double-sided tape!


[Installable on both sides]
Unlike conventional products that are often installed on the rear heater, it can be installed on both sides with a dedicated stay and double-sided tape. Even if there is decoration on the right side, it can be installed on the left side, allowing users to use it according to the specifications of their luggage space



Leather black


【Multi functional】
It has a square holder that can hold juice in a paper pack and a round drink holder that can hold a 500ml PET bottle. Four holes that are symmetrical on both sides can be used by inserting the central tray. It is very easy to use regardless of whether it is installed on the left or right side!

2WAY Luggage Table

  • [適合車種]





    • アンティーク:レトロな色合い。
    • デニム:青と白のさわやかさ。
    • レザーブラック:どんな内装にも似合う。
  • We normally ship the product within 3 to 7 business days from the time of your order.

    *Depending on the customer's area, weather, traffic accidents, and other unavoidable circumstances, it may take time for delivery or may not be able to meet the requested delivery time.

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