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▶NEW!! The interior panel for DX has been released!


The interior panel for DX has launched from BUANcomfy.
The durable and comfortable panel made of ABS resin will make your drive time even better.

The calm atmosphere of the wood pattern goes well with the COMFY antique series.


●For Standard body: 33,000 yen (tax included)

●For Wide body: 38,500 yen (tax included)

■ Color
・Antique Wood

High quality coating.

The panel used for the wood parts has been developed through extensive research and features a 5-layer structure including a primer, material patterns such as wood grain and carbon, protective coating, and a wear-resistant clear layer made of 2 layers of PU epoxy resin, achieving a high-quality finish with both beauty and durability. It has a low shrinkage rate during molding, excellent heat resistance, and is highly resistant to cracking, providing a snug fit when installed and making it less prone to deformation over long-term use.


Easy Installation

The backside is pre-applied with a strong double-sided tape, making it easy to install.


※The double-sided tape used is made by 3M.

[Antique] Interior Panel for DX

Color: Antique Wood
  • Compatible Grade
    DX Standard Body, DX Wide Body

  • We will ship the item within 7-8 weeks from the time of your order.


    *Depending on the customer's area, weather, traffic accidents, and other unavoidable circumstances, it may take time to deliver, or it may not be possible to meet the requested delivery time.

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